Satisfied with your career?

According to a recent Employee Engagement Report (2013) by BlessingWhite, only 40% of employees are actively engaged in their jobs. Job satisfaction has been linked to employee engagement, which may mean you are likely to be in the 60% of those who are not actively engaged and most likely not 100% satisfied with your current job.

This 2 Day Career Boot Camp Workshop is specifically designed to equip you with the knowledge to create a realistic written career plan that has the potential to improve your job satisfaction by showing you an attainable path to your ultimate goal.

Know Yourself

Did you know that knowing your strengths has been linked to success in a new branch of psychology called positive psychology?

Identifying your strengths are one of the many self-discovery aspects in the Career Boot Camp Workshop. With the unique and powerful tools in the workshop, they will help you to better understand yourself, career patterns and gaps in order to build that career foundation. This self-discovery is vital to writing a career plan.


Live Your Plan

At Career Boot Camp Coaches, we believe that having a written career plan is critical in optimizing your career path.

By understanding and leveraging your foundation through the self-discovery phase, this will empower you to set a self-direction for the future. Our tools will assist with developing a plan to address competency gaps, provide multiple options to reach the long-term goal and establish a focused action plan to get you started.

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